Projects Management

Big Crane offers the capabilities to support the customer from the drawing board to the final positioning of the components to be erected.

Big Cranes Works Project Management delivers the skills and knowledge for coordinating, planning, scheduling, directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating to ensure that all objectives of the project are achieved, keeping your project on time, on budget and with unsurpassed quality.

Project Assessment

To determine the proper onsite equipment and personnel to execute the project on time and under budget.

Project Management

Onsite management available to coordinate with our client and their customer the safe and efficient way to execute their project.

Project Safety

Big Crane Works Safety commitment is the nation’s leader in the crane industry, with millions of man-hours worked each year in the United Arab Emirates. We achieve this with the company’s policy of making sure all the employees have the training and information necessary for a safe working environments


All means of transport from the fabrication site to the erection site including water, rail, and over-the-road transport.

Project Equipment

Big Crane Works has the largest, safest and efficient fleet of cranes in the UAE. Including Mobile Cranes,Excavators, Fork Lifter, Bulldozers.

Project Type

Big Crane Works is instrumental in all types of projects including all type Construction Projects